Javo Rotofill

High quality filling for all trays

The Javo Rotofill is, to put it modestly, the world’s best in-line tray filler.
The Rotofill is a reliable filler and the only choice when quality tray filling is the priority. It handles not only standard trays, but plug trays and multi-cell trays with ease, thanks to its dual vibrators and brush system.
The unique filling principle ensures homogeneity and the correct compaction of the substrate across the entire tray. The machine is also mobile. A link to other automation systems facilitates a fully-automated line from tray dispensing to water tunnel.
The soil belt with wire guides is speed adjustable and carries the soil to the elevator which then brings the soil to a soil distribution rotor. The height of the soil distribution rotor above the tray and lifting unit underneath the feed belt is adjustable to allow accurate setting of the compaction and perfect filling of the entire tray. The filled trays are finished by a brush unit that is also height adjustable. The soil that is brushed off falls back into the hopper via an advanced return system. A conveyor belt carries the filled trays onwards at an adjustable speed.
The Javo Rotofill is easy to adjust, requires no compressed air and can be set up for a right- or left-hand feed to its adjustable-speed conveyor.
Technical details
Suitable for: pot trays, bedding trays, multi-trays, strawberry trays
Sizes: Trays up to 18+ inches wide
Capacity: Up to 1,000 per hour
Length: 10' 2"
Width: 7' 7"
Height: 6' 7"
Soil bin capacity: 1.51cubic yards
Weight: 1,540 lbs
Voltage: 220Volt 60Hz
Power: 2.05 Kw
Power connection: 16A, 5 pins CEE plug