Javo Swing

Javo Compact

The Swing is Javo's universal robot that can both put-down and pick-up virtually any greenhouse-size pot.​​

In use for decades at hundreds of facilities around the world, the Swing is easy-to-use and ultra-reliable.  

The Compact can be used for pick-up, placing and for loading trailers. The Javo Compact is the perfect robot for tall plants because it has no overhead components.

Can be equipped with pneumatic forks for dealing with top-heavy plants.

Javo Linea Recta

Javo PPU 2.0

Industrial servo drives allow for complex movements in both the X and Y axis, so the Linea Recta can be custom-fitted to any situation,

The Linea Recta can be sed for both pick-up and put down.

 Javo's newest robot, the PPU 2.0 is designed as an affordable, easy-to-use trailer loading robot. It is combined with a chain-drive system for trailer movement.

Changing pot sizes is as simply as pushing a button.