Compact, mid-size power

The compact, mid-size Javo Plus is a top choice among growers. Like all machines in the Plus series, it uses adjustable fingers rather than pot holders to provide quick changes amonth pot sizes.
Able to accomodate pots of up to 9 1/4 inches, a standard drill and options for pot dispensers and take-off, the Plus is the choice for growers who demand quick versatility. With a gear drive pot track and belt-driven elevator, the Plus series is quiet and extremely low-maintenance. 
Like all Javo potting machines, the soil return is integrated into the machine, assuring no spilled soil and clean, disease-resistant work space. With a speed of 4,000 pots per hour - or 32,000 pots per working day - this machine gives a quick return on investment for growers.
Technical details
Suitable for: round pots, opt. for square pots
Sizes: 3¾" - 9¼"
Capacity: up to 4,000 pots per hour
Length: 14 feet
Width: 5 feet, 4 inches
Height: 6 feet, 8 inches
Soil bin capacity: 1.4 cubic yards
Weight: 3,850 pounds
Voltage: 220Volt 60Hz
Power: 3 kW
Power connection: 16A, 5 pins CEE plug