Plus Extra

Size and power for large plants

The giant of the Plus series, the Plux Extra can handle pots up to 16 inches (up to 15 gallons, depending on the pot).
The electronic adjustment of the soil supply speed of the soil supply allows for precise distribution to allow for consistent planting. The powerful "X" can plow through up to 1,300 pots per hour.
Like all of the Plus series,  it has a central adjustment for pot height and diameter so the height for the take-off conveyor never needs adjustment. The X has a 1.4 cubic yard soil bin, with an optional bin extension to hold almost 5 cubic yards.
For nurseries and greenhouses that deal with large plants, this beast is all the machine you'll ever need.
Technical details
Suitable for: round pots, opt. for square pots
Sizes: Up to 16 inches
Capacity: Up to 1,300 pots per hour
Length: 16 feet, 6 inches
Width: 8 feet
Height:7 feet, 6 inches
Soil bin capacity: 1.4 cubic yards
Weight: 4,268 pounds
Voltage: 220Volt 60Hz
Power: 3 kW
Power connection: 16A, 5 pins CEE plug