Javo Optima

Power of a Super, adjustability of the Plus series

  With a heavy-duty paddlewheel elevator and adjustable fingers, the Javo Optima gives horticulture operations the best of both worlds. The Optima can handle pots up to 11 ¼ inches and changing the optional pot dispenser is simple and fast. A patented system allows for adjusting in a few minutes without any tools.
The Javo Optima potting machine has combined all the advantages into one fast machine that can handle more than 3,000 pots per hour.
The soil supply system, as well as the patented, adjustable, pottrack disc, make this machine a go-to for virtually any operation.
Technical details
Suitable for: round and square pots
Sizes: Up to 11 1/2 inches
Capacity: With options, up to 3,690 per hr.
Length: 14 feet, 8 inches
Width: 6 feet, 10 inches
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
Soil bin capacity: 1.5 cubic yards
Weight: 4,400 lbs
Voltage: 220Volt 60Hz
Power: 2,95 Kw
Power connection: 16A, 5 pins CEE plug