Javo Push-Over Robot (JOR)

High capacity robots for growing business

The Javo Push-Over Robot (JOR) is one of Javo’s most versatile productivity enhancers, with the ability to move pots and trays quickly.
Combined with a Javo Buffer Belt, this patented push-over system can provide more than 350 pushovers per hour – easily handling 5,000 or more pots per hour. Best of all, it can handle pots and trays of almost any size.
A touchscreen operation and built-in custom programing allows ease of operation and makes switching between pot sizes or spacing a breeze. The speed of the push-over motion is electronically adjustable (PLC), reliable and quiet. The Javo JOR is supplied with a flat push-over beam and is strong enough to work with even your largest pots.
Technical details

Suitable for: All pots and trays
Sizes: All
Capacity: 350 pushovers per hours
Length: Variable
Width: Variable
Height: Variable
Power: 1Kw
Voltage: 220Volt 60Hz
Power connection: 16A, 5 pins CEE plug