Pinnacle offers:
* Application-only up to $150,000
* Financing for new and used Javo Equipment
* Terms from 24 to 63 months
* Seasonal skip payments
Pinnacle finances a wide variety of horticulture equipment, including:
* Potting Machines
* Tray Automation
* Substrate Handling
* Transport Systems
* Robot Systems
What are the benefits of financing with Pinnacle?
Allow your equipment to generate revenue and pay for itself while taking full advantage of the tax deductions available on commercial loans. In turn, this will maintain cash reserves in your bank account for unexpected expenses. Regardless of the structure of the loan, we will help you find the terms that match your budget, such as smaller payments to start, seasonal skip payments or the low monthly payment that works for you.
Contact Will Bean today – He has been offering financing to the horticulture industry for over 25 years!
Will Bean
P: 253.284.5602  |  F: 800.821.5903
For more information or to contact Will Bean at Pinnacle