Javo Easy Topper

Fully automated top-dressing machine
For most pots up to #6
Standard equipment
  • Javo Easy Topper top-dressing machine
  • Counter-turning belt system to rotate pots
  • Adjustable rod system to ensure perfect mulch depth and shape

  • Soil bin extension
  • Electronic speed adjustment and reverse switch for the elevator
  • Various options for brushing substrate from pot
  • Shaker unit
  • Double counter-turning system for large or heavy pots

  • Pot sizes: Up to 12.5"/32cm
  • Capacity: Up to 6,000 pots per hour
  • Soil bin capacity: 1 cubic yard
  • Dimensions:(L) 10'-6" x (W) 5'9" x (H) 7'-4"
  • Weight: 1,100┬álbs
  • Voltage: 220V, 60Hz, 3-phase