Javo Directomatic

Perfect, automated potting for orchids

The Directomatic is Javo’s patented automatic planter designed specifically for Phalaenopsis, other orchids and bare root plants. For high-volume orchid growers – or those that plan to be – it is simply the finest potting system available on this planet.
Delivering both product uniformity and cost savings - including labor savings of 40% compared to conventional Phalaenopsis potting techniques – the Directomatic is based on the Javo Direct potting machine, thus ensuring perfect, undamaged substrate is delivery
How does it work?
After manually “hanging” the plant, the rest of the planting process is completely automated.
The inventive plant holders position the plant material with perfect accuracy, allowing the roots to reach the bottom of the pot and the plants are held in place until the last moment. The plants are planted exactly in the center and to the correct depth.