Cannabis Technology

Cannabis Package #1

 Javo automation key to consistency, disease resistance  

4,000+ per day​​

Using the Javo Unimax, even large-pot cannabis production is easy and disease-free.
Cannabis growers in North America face a unique set of challenges and Javo USA has the technology and experience to help with tools to automate cannabis production lines for legal growers in the U.S. and Canada.

Automation aids not only with speed and reduced labor costs, but more importantly with product consistency, and disease and pest resistance. It minimizes plant and product handling so fragile, expensive plants are more likely to reach their full potential. 

Javo USA has two fully-customizable packages designed specifically with the cannabis growth process in mind. Like all new Javo machines, these are UL-compliant.  These packages will help growers of any size - and any budget -  transition to commercial automation.

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Cannabis Package #2
Soil lines
Big bales, crate tilting, mixing and more

Up to 24K per day

 True automation with speed and consistency using the Javo Super.  

Robotic handling
Move, space and sort automatically

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