Cannabis Package #3

Javo Super

Versatile and powerful, the Super is the gold standard for Cannabis potting

Cannabis Package #3 Options

* Soil bin extension

* Additional drill bits/plates

* Additional pot holders

*Granulate (fertilizer) dispenser

* Automatic pot dispenser

* Extended conveyor lines

24,000 plants per day? 10 gallon pots? No problem.

At the heart of our biggest, most highly-automated and most versatile Cannabis specialty package is the Javo Super, a potting machine with more than 30 years of celebrated history.

The powerful, versatile Super can handle pots from 2 inches to 10 gallons –and fill and drill up to 3,000 pots per hour. With its paddlewheel soil elevator, the Super can handle any substrate without damage to the structure.

A truly automated machine, the chain-driven pottrack uses pot holders that can be built for virtually any size, shape or type of pot and can even be used with bag holders for soft-side (fabric) pots. The machine comes standard with the Javo Drill System and bits come in a variety of sizes, from 2.5 cm to 20 cm (1” to #2) with options for even larger bits and plates.

The Super’s pneumatic takeoff is both powerful and adjustable to move pots from the machine to the takeoff conveyor line. Cannabis Package #3 includes:

* Javo Super potting machine
* Two sets of pot holders
* Pneumatic takeoff arm/drive
* 3m x 250mm (10” x 10’) takeoff conveyor and support
* Two sets drill bits and plates

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