Cannabis Package #2

Javo Unimax

Big volume potting at a small price

The Javo Unimax is the heart of this package. Originally used for tree potting, the Unimax can move large volumes of soil quickly.

Best of all, two operators can work side-by-side to ensure you are maximizing your hourly volume – 4,000 plants or more per day are within easy reach. This portable, durable machine can fill virtually any size or shape pot. The soil elevator can either run in a continuous position – best if you are using two operators – or with a foot pedal to ensure greater precision.

By combining the machine with a 10-foot motorized conveyor and supports, true automation and higher volumes are possible at any operation.

As with all Javo machines, human contact is minimized for both the soil and the plant, while keeping return soil inside the potting machine. This is the key to disease and illness prevention. The Javo package includes:


Cannabis Package #2 Options

* Soil bin extension

* Roller conveyor

* Bag holders for soft containers
* Javo Unimax Potting Machine
* 3m x 250 (10’ x 10”) motorized conveyor
* Conveyor support

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