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New video highlights labor-cost savings with Javo horticulture equipment

Faced with rising labor costs,  growers around the world are looking to horticulture automation to reduce costs, increase efficiency and disease resistance, and provide greater consistency. Javo’s horticulture automation equipment can help any grower with these key metrics.

The new video highlights a greenhouse line at Bunnik Plants that reduces labor needs by more than 2/3s to provide a quick return-on-investment. The line starts with a Javo Big Bale that is used to automatically fill the soil bin of a Javo Plus potting machine.

The Plus potter can handle up to 4,000 plants per hour and use pots up to 9.25 inches. From there, potted plants go on a conveyor for transport to a Javo JOR (pushover robot) to fill a Javo Buffer Table. The Buffer Table puts the pots in “blocks” to allow a single forklift operator to perfectly lift and place more than 350 pots in a single trip.

Once the plants have grown, the operator returns the plants to the Buffer Table where a Javo JAR (takeoff robot) and belt line automatically bring the pots to a JOR and Buffer for fully automated spacing. Thus, with one forklift operator, thousands of pots per hour can be perfectly spaced and returned to the greenhouse.

The bottom line? With a  staff of 3, more than 3,000 plants per hour can be planted, taken to the greenhouse and/or spaced. That’s real savings.

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Close to home: Updated Javo USA, Inc. website puts focus on solutions for grower problems

 As is likely apparent to you - if you are a repeat visitor - Javo USA, Inc. has updated its website to provide a better, faster and more intuitive site for our valued clients. But the website embodies more than just a new, updated look; it embodies a revolutionary approach to horticulture automation.

Javo USA has reconfigured its website to help growers find solutions to problems, not just machines to buy. Part of doing so is reducing the “clutter.”

Javo produces more than 40 different types of machines, including potting machines, substrate handling equipment, tray lines, robots and transport machinery. Some are well-suited for the greenhouse market, others for nursery. Some are purely for trayline use, others are good in the burgeoning cannabis market and a handful are highly-specialized for products such as Phalaenopsis.

It makes no sense for a nursery grower who handles 15 gallon pots to have to wade through a page of machines that can handle pots no larger than #1 to get to the right solution for his/her situation.

Thus, as you will see at the top of the page, our menu now breaks down into “Greenhouse”, “Nursery”, Tray Line and Cannabis, to help our growers review the best choices for their situation, Each section will not only include equipment that is best-suited for that particular type of grower, but it will also include sample layouts to help our growers envision solutions that can work for them.
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